General Aviation consultancy service

Armageddon Associates have been actively involved in General Aviation for over 70 years.  That includes nearly 60 years involvement in the Airshow Industry in the UK and Europe as a Display Pilot, Flying Display Director and as a Flying Control Committee member.

The principle consultant was employed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for 14 years as the Head of its General Aviation Operations Section with responsibility for the regulation of all aspects of Private, Sporting and Recreational Aviation in the UK including the Airshow Industry.

He is well placed to offer realistic and practical advice on all aspects of General Aviation especially in the airshow field.

Fees to be negotiated but modest; plus reasonable expenses.

Background over the past 70 odd years

Started as a keen aeromodeller at age 8 in 1946.  Learned to glide with the ATC in 1954 at age 16 and gained a PPL(A) in 1957 as a founder member of the Fakenham Flying Group at Little Snoring in Norfolk.

Co-founded the Barnstormers Flying Circus in 1963 with Charles Boddington.  Senior display pilot with the team from 1970 to 2010.  Forty years of pleasure, profession and passion.

Air display pilot from 1958 to 2013 with over 2,300 public airshow performances, mainly in light aeroplanes.  Has given airshow performances throughout the UK and in many countries in Europe plus some in the USA.

Over 13,200 flying hours from 1954 to the present time.  Has flown over 350 types and variants of mainly light aeroplanes, gliders, balloons and gyroplanes.  Held an ATPL(A) and a CPL(B) until 1999 and now flies on a UK PPL(A) restricted to Annex 2 aeroplanes.  Also holds a PPL(BA) and has a Silver 'C' gliding badge with two Gold 'C' legs.

Qualified as a flying instructor in 1960 and held the rating until 1999.  Approved to conduct flying instructor courses from 1969 to 1999.  Appoined a flying instructor examiner in 1972 and held that until 1999.  Approved as a 'commercial' flying instructor in 1980 at AST Perth.  Over 9,000 hours as an instructor or examiner.

Managed aero clubs and aerodromes at Little Snoring, Peterborough/Sibson. Peterborough/Coningtpn and Leicester from 1963 to 1984

Executive air taxi and charter pilot with AOC companies at Conington and Sywell from 1976 to 1980.  Operating thoughout the UK and Western Europe.

A member of the British Aerobatic team in the 'Lockheed International Aerobatic Trophy' contests from 1963 to 1965.  Winner of many BAeA national aerobatic trophies.

Approved by the LAA for the prototype testing of homebuilt light aeroplanes and the submission of reports leading to the issue of a Pernit to Fly.

Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a Vice President of the Historic Aircraft Association.  A member of the British Air Display Association, the Leicestershire Aero Club, the Light Aircraft Association, the deHavilland Moth Club and the 'Sally B' Supporters Club along with the new Peoples Mosquito Club.