My crazy flying relations 1990 - 2010

Sheikh Yasser Ferifat, Group Captain RJAF(retd)

Flying Legends - Duxford

Colonel Ivor Bolokov, Colonel SovietAF(retd) HSU

Major Heintz Ritter von Schiessen-Hausen, Luftwaffe WW2. Ritter Kreutz mit eichenlaub und schwerten.

Heintz is always full of beans....!!!

Captain Wyatt Werp, US Naval Aviation (retd)

Not a character - Daughter Helen had a 25 year wing walking career and graced my wings on many occasions.

Characters I used for extra crowd entertainment with suitable attire and who hang in my wardrobe waiting to be given an outing.  Now worn to add amusement when I give talks on my airshow career to aviation enthusiast groups.